Work and Not Work

Tonight, as I was driving ‘home’ from work, I came to a quick realization: Home is wherever I am that isn’t at work. I realized that my life is divided into two categories on the physical plane: Work and Not Work. Work is finite: one school building. Not Work used to be finite for the last 26 years as I drove home to the same house. Not Work now happens to be different houses but that doesn’t seem to affect me at all. I always have a place to go, make dinner, sleep. All my basic needs are taken care of.

Pan Am MECome to think of it, for 14 years early on in my adult life Work was not a finite location when I was a flight attendant. I flew in different planes, stayed in different hotels, worked with different co-workers, ate different food, saw different surroundings. So, for now, I’ve just switched those life roles around. HA. I’ve not thought of that until this very minute. I just cracked myself up again. [I just added this picture, because, why not?]

I think one’s philosophies must be tested to see if they are truly ours or we are just spouting what we’ve heard elsewhere. I’ve never been comfortable calling the trees and plants at my house MY trees and MY flowers. In fact, the phrase MY house always seemed a bit weird to me. In the Hindi language, possession of something is a much more elusive concept. A phrase that describes an object being NEAR you is used as ownership because, really, what does owning something really mean? Things are today near us and then later they are not. I’ve come to accept that philosophy.

So. I often wondered how I would feel when I left MY house and MY gardens and trees…the place I raised my girls, the gardens I designed myself. Would my heart break? How would I really feel when I left it all?

I drove away and never looked back. The sense of possession really wasn’t there because none of it ever ‘belonged’ to me in the first place. It was a space that we inhabited for a while and I worked on making it a comfortable place for my family of three and now we’re not there. And now I am here. And next week, I’ll be over there. And the next week, I’ll be someplace else. And life is good. And I am happy. And I am VERY happy that I have a place to come ‘home’ to from Work. Because sometimes Work is very, very hard.

cocoa1P.S. And having this fellow, Cinnamon, to come home to every day is a real plus right now.

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