Officially Homeless

Person on the phone: May I please speak to Jyoti Rae?
Me: Speaking.
Person: This is the Social Security Department. Did you recently file for Medicare?
Me: Yes.
Person: We see that you put down a post office box number for your mailing address, but nothing for your residential address. We need your residential address.
Me: I don’t have one.
Person: Well, that address means where you are living. Where are you living?
Me: Different places. I have no permanent address at this time.
Person: Well….then….should we put you down as homeless?
Me: Yes, that would be technically accurate.
Person: Thank you very much. That’s all we need. Good luck to you!

ChanceP.S. The ball of fluff in this picture is a very relaxed senior doggie that I have cared for this past week!

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