My First Free-form Dinner Made for an O’possum

Ms. P’s owner asked me if I could stay an extra night, as they had the opportunity to stay at their vacation location an extra night.  I agreed.

That meant that I had to make up a dinner for Ms. P as the other ones had been mostly pre-made by her owner/mother.

Ms P 2I put together some fresh spinach and left-over chicken from the fridge and micro-waved it just a bit.  I sprinkled on some cheese. I added a spoonful of coconut milk yogurt.  I put in some sprouts.  When I put the bowl in front of Ms. P’s home, she came out immediately.

She quickly snarfed up the yogurt, finished off the chicken and spinach and sniffed around at the sprouts, but I think I put in too much because she turned up her nose at the alfalfa.  I next brought in a 2″ section of banana which she put in her mouth in one piece!  Maybe I should have cut it up.

Ms P 1After the banana, she turned her back on me and I saw her possum tail for the first time!  OMG, she really is a possum!

I brought in a few almonds which she gingerly ate one at a time.  When she finished dinner, she went back into her home.

I am working on a new resume for my California job hunt.  Do you think I can add Cooking for a Possum as a skill?

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