What?! The House Sold Already?

flower-houseFive years of hard work paid off!  We put my house up for sale late Tuesday!  I accepted an offer this morning–Saturday!!  I don’t quite know what to do with myself.

Jyoti’s Great Adventure begins July 16th! Although I hope to not be reduced to milking yaks, I will become an official NOMAD when I turn over my house to its new owners in July. For 12-24 months, while I work for IPS and await my retirement age, I am going to NOT have my own home, choosing instead to house-sit and pet-sit and stay with friends who will have me. I will take only what I can carry in my car.

After this nomadic phase, I will then retire to Oakland, CA where both of my daughters will be living (Sage is moving there next month–July, 2015! YAY!! Sierra, Steve & Marigold live there now.)

So, I am counting on YOU, my Indy friends, for house-sitting and pet-sitting gigs. I will charge a small fee for staying at your house to take care of your pets and will NOT charge a fee for house-sitting (win-win). Please keep me in mind when you leave town. I have already booked some gigs, but the sooner you get me on the calendar, the better!