For Thanksgiving, I Decided on Indian Food and Other Random Thoughts

rusty1I’m staying in one of the most popular sections of Indianapolis—Broad Ripple. ‘My’ condo is right on the Monon Trail, and when I say I am right on the trail I mean I get to watch the ‘traffic’ go by out of the front window. It’s an interesting cultural study to observe the runners and walkers and dog walkers and baby walkers and bikers. It is where I walk this cutie patootie named Crusty (name changed to protect his identity as usual) at least three times every day.

This location is FAB-U-LOUS!! One or two blocks to any kind of restaurant you’d want to eat at (or order take out). Little local grocery store? One block. Starbucks? 2 blocks. I’m not a drinker, but there are bars and brewpubs in big numbers. I signed up for the Drumstick Dash, the Thanksgiving morning race. The start of the race? 2 short blocks. The finish? 2 short blocks. I’m really excited; the weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow.

monon trailYesterday, as I was walking on the Monon with Crusty, I was imagining the trail when it was a railroad. I imagined women in a passenger car with huge, long dresses and coats to ward away the autumn cold. Their hats would be huge as they looked out the windows traveling to the big city—Indianapolis. I thought about how exciting it must have been to be coming to “the city.”

And then I wondered— how on earth did women PACK for trips back then? I mean…one outfit wouldn’t even fit in one suitcase!! I have at least one friend who would have loved living in that era. Not me. If I could live out of my backpack and have only two outfits to my name, I would love it. Hmmmm. That’s funny. I guess I’m kinda doing that now. HAHAHA. Sometimes I crack myself up.

river front stageOn another Monon walk this week, I walked through the grounds of the Broad Ripple Art Center and visited the tiny, rustic River Front Stage where I took the girls to (free) live Blues concerts in the first few summers when we moved to Indianapolis. 5 & 6-year-old Sierra would dance her little heart out in front of the stage…which was also in front of the whole audience sitting on the lawn. She danced with absolute abandon and a complete lack of inhibition, coming up with every wild move her little body and mind could concoct. I stood at the exact spot she used to dance and I might have shed a few tears. If only we all could stay as uninhibited as adults, life would be so amazing.

I had two things to get at Trader Joe’s today and as I drove into the parking lot, I thought “this is stupid…going into a grocery store the day before Thanksgiving.” Yet there was a parking spot right in the front. And there they were!! The holiday evergreen swags that I buy every year for my front door. I was excited to be able to get one early! Wait for it…one second…two seconds…three seconds…oh, that’s right. I don’t have a front door any more. Sigh.

I picked up take-out Indian food (way better than that Pilgrim food any day–HA) and after the Drumstick Dash tomorrow morning, Crusty and I are going to nestle in for a day of Netflix bingeing and Palak Paneer. (Well, he gets to eat his regular doggie food. Sorry Dude.)

I can’t even begin to list all that I am thankful for, so I won’t even try. Life is great. Life is grand. Life is fluid. And that’s pretty exciting to me.

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