Life Style Change from Home Owner to Nomad


I’ve been working toward my long-term plan (retiring to California) for 5 years as I’ve been updating & clearing out 26 years of single-parenting stuff in my Indianapolis home. I will be putting my house up for sale soon and when it sells, I plan to become a nomad for 1-2 years while I wait to be able to retire financially, as I continue to work as an IPS School Social Worker. What that means is I will not be getting my own place to live. I hope to house-sit and pet-sit for those in need of those services. In between those gigs, I hope to stay for brief periods with friends who have spare bedrooms and who will enjoy my company for a week or a weekend.

I have four goals in choosing this new life style:

1. SAVING MONEY: I am moving exactly in the wrong direction, hoping to retire in CA (where my children and grandchildren live). The more money I can save, the sooner I can retire and move.

2.  ADVENTURE: I really enjoy people and observing how people live/work/play/learn. I hope to meet new people and briefly experience others’ lives through their pets and homes and neighborhoods.

3.  CHALLENGE: Clearly, living with only things I can carry in my car will be a large challenge. [I will store items that will move to CA in a storage unit.] I will have to be very particular about what items are essential for me. How many T-shirts or pairs of shoes do I really need? I enjoy being challenged and am looking forward to a simpler style of living.

4.  CEMENTING FRIENDSHIPS: I’ve not had a lot of time to socialize for a while and by staying with friends, I hope to cement friendships before I leave the state. Please understand that for anyone who opens up their home to me, I will absolutely have a place for you to stay when you vacation in the Bay Area!

HOUSE-SITTING: I will not charge to stay in a home while the owner is out of town. (Monetary donations will not be turned down, but I truly will be happy just to have a roof over my head. Win-win.) This would be especially great for long-term absences, such as sabbaticals or extended vacations. I have gardening skills that I will be happy to use as well.

PET-SITTING: I will enjoy taking care of whatever pets you have. (I’ve had many of my own.) I will charge minimally for dog sitting and charge nothing for cat sitting and I will treat your animal family members as if they are my own.

FRIEND-STAYING: If you have a space where I could stay for a short period, let me know and I will be making a master list. Please don’t offer if you aren’t serious, because if you offer, I will be contacting you!! I will be happy to cook, wash dishes, watch children, garden and/or anything else you need.

If you are still reading….please consider telling your vacationing friends and family that you know a great, responsible person who will take care of their homes/pets while they travel! I plan to accept referrals from only friends and friends of friends.

Again, I hope to be a nomad for 1-2 years. So I will be accepting jobs as early as June 2015.