Good Morning, Jyoti! I Love You!

Terry4Terry’s mother was particularly anxious that Terry and I might not get along because Terry (whose name has been changed to protect her identity) is a little persnickety. Terry is a Pit Bull who is loved deeply by her Mama.

Terry2I will admit that I had a tad bit of anxiety as I am aware of the media-driven hype behind the reputation of Pit Bulls.  However I am also aware of the extreme devotion of families to their Pit Bull pets.  So I was excited to become friends with my first Pit Bull buddy.  When I went for my initial visit to the house, I stayed for two hours so that Terry could get to know me well and I could get a sense of the household routines.

Terry1As is usually the case, Terry and I bonded quickly.  At night, if she doesn’t sleep ON the bed with me, she jumps up as soon as I wake up.  These are a few of this morning’s pictures that I texted to Mama to put her mind at ease.

I think we get along just fine, Mother!

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